Hey Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?

Does it make sense to rely on CD’s for your retirement? Looking at inflation and monetary policy of the past, it’s not a good idea! But yet I see this […]

Fiscal Cliff: Blah Blah Blah

How many of you are tired of all the talk on the fiscal cliff, including the non ending stream of opinion and regurgitated sound bites?? May I suggest we spend […]

Scaling the Cliff

“BUSINESS WEEK” – Approximately 88% of American households will see a tax increase if this so called “fiscal cliff” is not averted by Congress by December 31, 2012. The payroll […]

Medicare Enrollment

I hope this finds you well! I have had a number of inquiries about Medicare recently. At the bottom you will find a link to a short video where we outlined the Medicare plan and the enrollment time frames, as well as penalties that can be avoided.

Government Shutdown Market Impact

A recent Friday, late in the evening, Congress and the White House came to an agreement that averted a partial government shutdown – for now. Over the course of last week, several advisors asked for my take on what would happen to the stock markets if the government had closed down, even temporarily. Some of these advisors following the active approach to investment management, wondered if they should “sell,” or if should they “buy.” Would the markets go up? Or would they go down? How should they react?

My advice was that if client portfolios were properly designed from the beginning, there would be no need to make any changes to existing portfolios.

Welcome to Financial Abundance

Financial Abundance, headquartered in State College, PA, is a Registered Investment Advisory Firm whose founder Paul Nichols is known as the “Investor Coach”.

FA (Financial Abundance) is a full-service investment, retirement and estate planning firm. We operate under the core belief that education plus understanding leads to clarity and confidence that can result in peace of mind.

Our site includes both audio and visual content and is designed with an educational component. You will notice an array of links to the left under Primary links; specifically Weekly Clarity Coaching and Podcasts.

– Under Weekly Clarity Coaching you will find two to five minute subject-specific videos that have been featured on NBC affiliate WJAC-TV Channel 6. These educational videos were produced with the intent to clarify financial subjects.

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You don’t know what you don’t know.

Portfolio Allocation Investor Quiz

Must Answer Questions for Confident Investing

These questions are based on the core belief that education plus understanding leads to confidence and peace of mind around investing. In other words, confusion, stress and anxiety are the result when we are “in the dark” about important investment issues. Note: When answering these questions, you must be 100% confident that you know the answer to the question to qualify for a “yes” answer on the quiz.

Coaching vs Planning

Does the information from the Financial Services industry leave you confused and bewildered? If someone really could accurately predict market movement on a consistent basis, what would be their motivation for telling you? If what you thought was the best way to invest in the market turned out not to be…when would you want to know?

Our Mission

Our goal at Financial Abundance is to save the world one investor at a time. We want to play our part in the solution to create peace of mind for individuals, families and businesses about their investments. This can be accomplished, through education and understanding with research and studies from Nobel laureates and professors at leading universities around the country. We want to show people that they can, for the first time in their lives, have peace of mind about how they invest; that sleepless nights of doubt can be converted into confidence about their direction regardless of the current economic conditions. Regardless if you’re from Penn State or the state pen you can learn how to be a prudent and educated investor.


Financial Abundance operates under the core belief that education plus understanding leads to clarity and confidence; resulting in peace of mind. This is extremely rare to find with traditional financial planning today.

People have at their disposal unlimited resources and information regarding their personal finances. From 24-hour news channels to the World Wide Web, we are bombarded with messages that are often confusing, conflicting, and sometimes simply inaccurate.

While some may think this technology has made it easier for people to plan for their retirement, for many it has not. In fact, people are more confused than ever and are jeopardizing their financial future by following various fads and strategies promoted in the main stream press.

Through our Investor Education Programs, we help people cut through the rhetoric. In order to improve the likelihood of success, we teach our clients to implement a method of portfolio management used by most corporate pension plans today. We shun common myths of investing like stock picking, market timing, past performance and the use of fund managers. Instead, we guide each client through a program that not only educates, but ensures the necessary steps are taken toward reaching your investment goals.