What We Do

We have developed a methodical and systematic roadmap to guide one through a total financial planning process. With education, clarity, and confidence, we realize people will make good decisions. What we do is provide them with the coaching, clarity, and tools to come to conclusions in the five main areas of financial planning:

  1. Market Returns and Wealth Accumulation
  1. Income Planning
  1. Health Care Planning
  1. Strategic Tax Planning
  1. Legacy and Estate Planning

Financial Abundance is a registered investment advisor (RIA) with a requirement to abide by fiduciary standards. As a fee-only planning firm, Financial Abundance manages portfolios through a stringent academic approach. The management range includes all types of market based investment accounts, example: Individual Accounts, Joint Accounts, Custodial Accounts, Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs, SEP, all employer rollovers (401k, 457, 403B, ESOP’s), and company 401k plans.

Beyond the market coaching, through Financial Abundance, there are a number of areas that conclusions will still be needed for the total financial plan. Including: Income Planning, Health Care Planning, Strategic Tax Planning, and Estate and Legacy Decisions.

EDI, a sister corporation to Financial Abundance, provides exactly that type of coaching and clarity needed for advanced planning strategies. We find the biggest area of wealth transfers for the majority of Americans is not understanding the basics about the tax code and realizing that most Americans have a substantial tax lien on their retirement accounts. Many retirees are shocked to find the reality that their income has decreased, but their tax liability has increased as they go into retirement. Tax planning and wealth strategies are not a luxury of the rich, but a necessity for any prudent investment plan today. Education leads to clarity, clarity leads to confidence, and only with confidence can peace of mind be achieved.