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Financial Advisor is the term used to refers to individuals in finance that directly work with public as opposed to those behind the scenes. Below you will find coaching related to the structure of the industry, as well strategies along with some interpretations that may be valuable to understand when working on your own plan.

Corona Virus and Modern Financial Industry

State College, PA – They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. As I look back at 20 years in the business, I see a fingerprint on the national scale that was created by a small group of independent advisers. This group of advisers decided they wanted to educate the public about the […]

Do-It-Yourself Investing

State College, PA – It seems in the last few years, there has been a strong push in the financial arena encouraging people to “Do-It-Yourself”. The idea that with technology and the availability of information, people can have access to low broker trade arrangements to set up their portfolios and allow a computer to automatically […]

The Real Cost of Safe Money

Altoona, PA – A fellow Investor Coach shared a story about a Senior Citizen on a radio talk show the other day, lamenting about the ultra-low CD rates the banks are now paying. He had recently spent an entire afternoon visiting one bank after another, trying to eke out a few extra pennies to help […]


You don’t know what you don’t know! Simple, but profound. As an investor you may fall victim to the lies of the financial industry, including large investment institutions and the financial media. Belief in and action taken based on these fallacies have caused thousands of investors to lose massive amounts of their investment monies. The […]

The Cost of Volatility

It's Your Money
The Cost of Volatility

In the first “It’s Your Money” podcast of 2016, Investor Coach Paul Nichols takes a look back at the events of the previous year. He explains how one may combat volatility in the market. He also provides some clarity on what one should expect when it comes to the market. There are a few golden […]

The Basics of Investing

It's Your Money
The Basics of Investing

This week Paul offers up another market update. He focuses on some of the academic truths of investing and discusses some of the basic investing rules. It is always important to get back to the basics whenever things are out of sorts. The recent volatility brought on primarily due to monetary supply policies, or lack there of, have created some speculation or short term market noise.

Is It Gambling or Is It Investing?

It's Your Money
Is It Gambling or Is It Investing?

This week, Paul focuses on the usual market update, coupled with the three most common investor mistakes. These are mistakes that happen every day, they are…almost encouraged by the industry. The transactional costs that results from mind boggling trading volume daily, creates a huge windfall for the financial services industry. The vast majority of this […]

Buckle Up, It’s Getting Turbulent!

State College, PA – I learned aviation slang for turbulence is called dirty air. What has been going on in the market is like dirty air? Recently we have seen the wildest ride on the Dow Jones industrial average in 17 years. Dow Jones is a representation of how large companies are doing and we […]

Investment Cost: Advisor Beware or Investor Beware

State College, PA – “How are you paid” is a common refrain heard by those working in the financial industry. One would think this is a very black and white, yes or no type of question. Unfortunately within the financial services industry, it can be quite a complex answer when you consider the various components […]

In Life and Retirement Planning “It’s Never a Mystery”

Lewisburg, PA – The common phrase “it’s never a mystery”, should end with, “except for the people involved”. Is it a mystery why the athlete medals in the Olympics? Not when you consider the coaching, training, years of perfecting technique, and all the pieces that it takes to win. In contrast, most people see a […]

Tax Planning and Madoff’s Accountant

It's Your Money
Tax Planning and Madoff's Accountant

This week, Paul Nichols, the “investor coach” and president of Financial Abundance, a registered investment advisory firm in State College, Pennsylvania, once again pulls back the curtain on the financial services industry. This show focuses on the market update as of 9/26/13, taxes, and the recent news of Madoff’s accountant.

Looking Out for Mr. Ponzi

This summer Bernie Madoff will be celebrating his 4th anniversary in federal prison, 146 years to go. Madoff masterminded the largest Ponzi Scheme (slang for financial scam) in world history.  Thousands of unsuspecting investors were swindled.  In many cases, ordinary people lost their life savings. Having had such a long prison sentence imposed, you would […]

Boomers: Children & Chaos

The WealthCounsel® and Trusts & Estates® Magazine recently published an Annual Industry Trends Survey. The survey compiled data from roughly 1500 industry professionals primarily made up of Attorneys, CPAs, Financial Advisors and Wealth management professionals. As the President of a Registered Investment Advisory firm, I find these trends interesting as well as insightful.  The report […]

Tastes Like Chicken! Smells Like Fish!

Every once in a while, I run into an investor who bought a financial product that, upon reflection, may not have been totally appropriate given the individual’s personal and financial circumstances.

Not that the investment was completely “wrong”, but perhaps a different product or approach may have better met the client’s goals and objectives.

One thing you can do to help keep this from happening to you, is to find out who the advisor works for. I don’t mean the specific company that employs him or her, but the type of company that employs the advisor. That information can go a long way to help you understand whether the financial advisor’s loyalty is to you, or to the employer.

Ringing The Old Year Out and Bringing The New Year In—-

As we look at the 2011 year in review, remember that “this too shall pass”. New Year’s Resolutions are about to begin and as we look forward to 2012, make a New Year’s resolution as it relates to your finances. Take the 30 day challenge, look at income needs vs wants and get a “real” budget in place.

Last week, the Wall Street Journal ran interviews with four financial advisors soliciting their outlooks for 2012. Specifically, the Journal asked these sages to forecast which sectors had the most promise and which ones investors should avoid next year.