Media Coverage

Here you will find an array of media appearances by Paul, the founder of Financial Abundance. They range from a more recent Forbes article to an earlier appearance in “Navigating The Fog of Investing”, the groundbreaking film that exposes the financial industry and the realities of how it does business. If you would like more information about any of these appearances or the articles referenced, please feel free to contact us.

Main Street Money

Main Street Money is a nationally televised PBS (Public Broadcast System) special that was designed to pull back the curtain on our current financial planning industry. In a world where protecting your investment portfolio from the dangers of a roller-coaster financial market is becoming harder every day, Mark Matson provides viewers with strategies for separating “the wheat from the chaff”.

In this 60-minute pledge special (90-minute pledge event) produced and directed by George Veras,  Matson helps viewers navigate through the dangerous waters of today’s economy to achieve their goals for financial security.

Create, manage, and position your wealth and retirement to minimize tax burden. Get valuable tips for choosing safe places for your money in these times of great change. Position yourself to be in a good place to grow your wealth when new opportunities materialize.

Navigating the Fog of Investing

featuring: Harry Markowitz, Charles Ellis, John Bogle, Mark Matson, and Paul Nichols.
A Scathing Rebuke of the Financial Industry and its Marketing Machine.

Paul Nichols Interview on For the Record WHVL

WHVL-TV proudly serves the State College, Altoona, and Johnstown viewing area from Happy Valley, in the heart of Pennsylvania. We are a locally owned and operated commercial broadcasting company with many resources and a vision to produce high-quality television programming. WHVL-TV broadcasts programming that attracts interest and provides vital community information to an ever-expanding television audience. WHVL-TV will always be a partner to help meet community needs by supporting education, businesses, and residents with locally-produced programming that showcases Central PA issues, as well arts and culture. We are always working to develop original programs to serve our community.



Peace of Mind Through Education (Mar ’17)

In Financial Life, Knowledge Leads to Peace of Mind (Oct ’13)

Town & Gown

If it’s happening in happy valley, it’s in Town & Gown. A State College & Penn State tradition since 1966. These articles appeared in State College’s Town and Gown Magazine throughout 2011. In them, Paul and his team provided a peek into their unique approach to today’s financial markets. Scan below for stories that may pique your interest.

What’s Your End Game?
Smorgasbord Investing
Quickest Way to Pay Off Your Mortgage
Who’s the Investor Coach?
Need Financial Help? Ask Coach Paul Nichols
What is the Value of Human Life?
The Rule of 72 Can Be Revealing to You
It’s A Wonderful Life
Do you have an Investment Philosophy?