Clarity Coaching Video Clips

The majority of the video clips you'll find in this area were generated when Financial Abundance was the "Investor Coach" for WJAC channel 6 news (NBC affiliate). Weekly we would have a spot during the news broadcast where we would address financial items, a viewer’s question, a topic that was timely in the national financial news, or perhaps just the general overall climate of the market. Enjoy these video vignettes, you will find a few nuggets that could apply and enrich your financial situation.


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Trading Treadmill

Trading Treadmill….avoid the hype I ran across a recent press release this morning from Business Wire that announced some activity for Charles Schwab Corporation in August. I found it interesting that there was a large in-flow of new assets that came into Schwab about $62B and what I really found curious was the amount of […]

Portfolio Construction: Navigating the Fog of Investing

Excerpts from Navigating the Fog of Investing. The world finance is lauded with manufactured perceptions and techniques designed to create transactions. The revenue created from transactions, that is stocks and mutual funds being bought and sold on a rampant daily basis is staggering for when you look at all the major brokerage firms. This shear […]

“For the Record” interview with Paul Nichols

Jed Donahue host of “For the Record” interviews Paul concerning financial literacy and the lack of education we see in America.

Who Wins with Market Timing?

  Market timing a concept that has been excepted for decades as a strategy for managing different investments held in ones portfolio or overall of estate. The idea is that one can proactively stay ahead of the masses and determine what types of investments are best to own based on a current social, political, and […]

Stock Picking…Folly or Fact

Stock picking, market timing and track record investing are techniques devised to outwit the stock market. Can the market be beat?    

Traditional IRA…A Permanent Tax Lien

If you were a farmer…and you have a choices: one is to pay tax on your seed in the spring, and receive a tax free harvest. The other option would be to get a tax deduction on your spring seed, and receive a taxable harvest. Which would you choose? The same concept would apply to your […]

Broker vs. Registered Investment Advisor

Financial services industry has two predominant financial standards for representatives in dealings with clients and disclosure. One is a “suitability standard” which is the most common and requires the least amount of qualifications and thereby professional scrutiny. Another is know as a “fiduciary standard” which requires more accountability, disclosure and generally higher qualification standards. The […]

Portfolio Construction and Market Portfolio Theory

  Modern portfolio theory was brought to us by Henry Markowitz winner of the Nobel Prize in Economic, 1990 along with Merton Miller and Williams Sharp. Modern portfolio theory is the basis of sound academic investing today. The concept of  dissimilar price movement to manage volitity was first communicated mathematically by Harry Markowitz back in the […]

Income For Life Retirement Planning

Income planning is the area that is most requested by individuals that are seeking financial planning help today. As a financial professional I’ve observed this area has the least amount of understanding. The distribution of the estates it’s not something the financial services industry finds paramount, rather the accumulation and collection of assets in the focus. The […]

30 Day Challenge for Wealth Management

In my life I’ve been very fortunate to have had several mentors! The one that had the most impact was tough but gentle, an extremely successful businessman. On one occasion he made a comment that I took offense “you’re a spendthrift “. I remember my reply ” are you crazy, based on my meager income […]

Pension Maximization Strategy

PMS, a strategy that can be employed by a pre retiree when activating a employer defined benefit plan, more commonly known as a pension. The concept: there are multiple pay out choices available to the retiree. One choice maybe for a straight life payout compared to a spousal benefit residual pay out. A straight life […]

Are You a Market Timer?

The avoidance of Market timing is by far the hardest aspect of investing. Market timing requires the most prudence, the most disciplined, the most long-term vision in order to not fall prey to this hideous transactal technique. When you consider our fast changing social, political, and economic climate, coupled with a 24 hour news cycle. […]

Group vs Individual Long Term Care Insurance

Long term care insurance planning, an area that many do not really want to talk about. There’s a certain inevitability that we often ponder when this subject comes to the surface. I find it to be one of the areas that cannot be overlooked, especially considering our fiduciary duty. Some folks have an opportunity to […]

Common Investor Mistake – Part Two

This week, Paul Nichols, the president of Financial Abundance talks about one of the most common investor mistakes that he’s noticed in recent times. That is, riding a losing stock into the ground while waiting for the market to come back. It’s better to move it over to a better investment and ride the market […]

Financial Literacy Part One

Paul Nichols, the president of Financial Abundance, talks about why he enjoys being the “Investor Coach”. When it comes to investing. Who do teaches the rules? Who makes the rules? What’s the motivation of the rule makers? TicTacToe the relatively simple game, with a simple strategy. When you originally were taught the game, you probably […]