Financial Abundance operates under the core belief that education plus understanding leads to clarity and confidence; resulting in peace of mind. This is extremely rare to find with traditional financial planning today.

People have at their disposal unlimited resources and information regarding their personal finances. From 24-hour news channels to the World Wide Web, we are bombarded with messages that are often confusing, conflicting, and sometimes simply inaccurate.

While some may think this technology has made it easier for people to plan for their retirement, for many it has not. In fact, people are more confused than ever and are jeopardizing their financial future by following various fads and strategies promoted in the main stream press.

Through our Investor Education Programs, we help people cut through the rhetoric. In order to improve the likelihood of success, we teach our clients to implement a method of portfolio management used by most corporate pension plans today. We shun common myths of investing like stock picking, market timing, past performance and the use of fund managers. Instead, we guide each client through a program that not only educates, but ensures the necessary steps are taken toward reaching your investment goals.