Financial Coaching vs Financial Planning

Traditional financial planning is the source of much of the distress that people feel in their financial lives today, the information from the Financial Services industry leaves most confused and bewildered? The perception is the industry is smarter than the rest of us. If someone really could accurately predict market movement on a consistent basis, what would be their motivation for telling you? Why is this the case when it seems so logical to hire a planner to escape our financial difficulties? The root of the problem lies in the way financial planning is carried out.
It is often used as a marketing tool to sell financial products. The reason you may ask? So they can generate transactional commissions on the recommendations. The individual working with the investment planner generally has little in the way of knowing whether the recommendations are in their best interest or the best interest of the investment planner themselves. They also have little way of knowing whether the products could have been obtained elsewhere at lower cost. The majority of financial planners actually work for a brokerage firm or a broker/dealer and don’t really work for the client.


“Who teaches the rules”? The traditional planning process does little to educate investors and help investors deal with the instincts and emotions that are at the core of  poor investment returns that they experience. How can you tell if your advisor is helping you avoid these problems? Simply take the “Investor Quiz” on our  website. Answering these questions, along with some coaching will help you wade through all the complex issues involved in the investing process. Regular coaching sessions, both one on one and as a group, can create peace of mind through education. Ultimately, investing is a people problem not necessarily a portfolio problem. The solution is a coach that will educate and enlighten, creating clarity and confidence. You do not need to know everything if you have a coach teaching you the few right things! There is not a lack of information in our society today, rather a lack of clarity.


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