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Tax planning is by far the most overlooked area of financial planning. Very few investors have ever learned the realities of how tax planning can have a dramatic impact on their net spendable income in retirement. Most Americans are not familiar with simple concepts concerning taxation, like the difference between a marginal and effective tax bracket. The vast majority of retirement accounts that we see, are subject to taxation, another way to put it is most Americans have a permanent tax lien on their largest investment account. Learn the realities of how tax planning could affect to your retirement plan.

The Investor’s Dilemma

Investments, income planning, portfolio construction, and tax planning are just a few topics that throw many people into the investor dilemma mindset. We are all emotional individuals; we want to be secure in our future financially. This need for security leads us to try to forecast our financial future. As we embark on a journey […]

Wealth Management: It’s a Wonderful Life

This classic gem directed by Frank Capra is one of my favorite movies and a sure watch every holiday season. It’s a story of an angel working to get his wings, and his task is to help a compassionate but despairingly frustrated busi- nessman by showing what life would have been like if he had never […]

Shutdown, Smut-down, Debt Up

What does the shutdown really mean to the vast majority of Americans? Apparently not much, other than the entertainment factor of watching the political dramas (shame they do not have political Oscars).  It seems that the only folks affected are those who have been furloughed. I have had a number of conversations with clients, friends, […]

Fiscal Cliff: Blah Blah Blah

How many of you are tired of all the talk on the fiscal cliff, including the non ending stream of opinion and regurgitated sound bites?? May I suggest we spend the month of December focusing on family, love ones, and our community? Let the spinning heads, politicians, and so called expert economists beat this horse […]

Scaling the Cliff

“BUSINESS WEEK” – Approximately 88% of American households will see a tax increase if this so called “fiscal cliff” is not averted by Congress by December 31, 2012. The payroll tax change would reduce paychecks immediately in January. The average tax increase would be $3,446 and the top 1% of households would see the largest […]

What Would Grandpa Say?

Many of you may already know we are not fans of municipal bonds. In fact, we do not hold any municipal bonds in any of our investment portfolios because we think they are too risky. I bet that surprises a lot of people, especially retirees. My astute, well read, late grandfather would be shocked to hear this, having retired from Ma Bell after 42 years, an old school, buy American, blue chip investor. That’s because many advisors routinely recommend that retirees buy and live off of the income generated by supposedly safe individual municipal bonds.

From Deb’s Desk – Insider Coaching

Hope this finds you well. It is that time of year when we are all gathering our tax papers, forms 1099’s, 1098’s, W-2’s, etc… Confusing and hectic time of year but also a good time to review, organize and educate yourselves in regards to your finances.

If what you thought was the best way to handle your finances turned out not to be, when would you want to know? And…if you knew, would you do something about it?

2011-2013 tax reporting changes: What you need to know

Traditional IRA…A Permanent Tax Lien

If you were a farmer…and you have a choices: one is to pay tax on your seed in the spring, and receive a tax free harvest. The other option would be to get a tax deduction on your spring seed, and receive a taxable harvest. Which would you choose? The same concept would apply to your […]

Smorgasbord Investing (Town & Gown)

This weeks Weekly Clarity Coaching is also this months “Town & Gown coaching article that we create here at Financial Abundance. For those not local, T&G is a prestigious local magazine, a State College and Penn State tradition since 1966. This month article featured Deb Seward here in the office and she explains why most american’s end up with a lot of stuff in their portfolio. A short and informative read…

Investing with Looming Deficit

This week’s weekly clarity coaching is a video from Fox Business News discussing “How the Government Deficits Impacts How You Invest”. Mark Matson does a great job keeping the hype in check and once again providing a rational and prudent approach to the TRADITIONAL mantra “chase the market”.

Have you ever wondered why most of the financial information on the air waves is centered on short term news bites attempting justification for proactively managing our wealth?? Changing ones investment to correspond with the current economic environment?

The Taxman Cometh

This week’s weekly clarity coaching is a video I recently ran across of one of my favorite economists, Milton Friedman. It’s a 30-year-old interview. The interview is from March 21, 1982. I found this nostalgic and interesting because it’s the old panel format.

Quickest Way To Pay Off Your Mortgage

There are different schools of thought on ways to accelerate paying of your mortgage.  Most people are familiar with the 15-year mortgage versus the 30-year mortgage.  The idea is a simple one; you pay a higher payment in order to pay off the mortgage faster…

Government Shutdown Market Impact

A recent Friday, late in the evening, Congress and the White House came to an agreement that averted a partial government shutdown – for now. Over the course of last week, several advisors asked for my take on what would happen to the stock markets if the government had closed down, even temporarily. Some of these advisors following the active approach to investment management, wondered if they should “sell,” or if should they “buy.” Would the markets go up? Or would they go down? How should they react?

My advice was that if client portfolios were properly designed from the beginning, there would be no need to make any changes to existing portfolios.


What else comes to mind when you think of April? Taxes…Taxes…Taxes! I’ve attached a video that may hit close to home for some of you having just recently gathered up and prepared your own taxes. If you found your self saying, “I need to do something about these taxes”, this is a good place to start. Doug is a friend of mine and has been a financial planner for over 30 years and we’ve incorporated some of his Missed Fortune strategies in our own planning as well as in plans for qualified clients. Please stop by the office to discuss some Missed Fortune concepts if you feel proactive tax planning may benefit your situation.

What Is Equity In Your Home? Part One

This week, Paul Nichols, the president of Financial Abundance asks everyone another question. Does the cash inside your home, or your Equity, earn you a rate of return? Do you know the quickest way to pay off home? Watch this latest vidcast and you’ll find out the answers to those a few more questions!