Gold…Irr​ational Exuberance​!!!

The television or radio nowadays is being bombarded with advertisements to “buy gold.” Firms selling gold now have a huge cash influx and are using it to attract more buying creative marketing. You will hear that it’s the “new gold rush” and get in now because “prices will continue to go to through the roof.”

The truth is, that’s not a good idea. What we are seeing are all of the traditional tell-tale signs of a bubble. If you want to buy some actual gold and keep in your safe to feel more secure about having a so called “hedge” fine, however beware to call it “prudent investing”. I knew an old carnival barker (think Mr. Haney from Green Acres) when I was a boy who once said “the most believable stories are those with the skin of truth stuffed with lies”

People do not buy GOLD because they LIKE IT. They buy GOLD because they DON’T LIKE something else. A reasonable expectation is that the gold bubble will burst. And it will burst hard!

Couple this with all of the very creative emotion filled hyperactive advertising, and you get the extreme increases in the price of gold that we are seeing today. And when the gold bubble bursts, you will see extreme decreases in its price.

Take a look at this four minute video that aired last week on the Fox Business Channel.

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