2014 Market Review

This podcast brought to you by Financial Abundance, a Registered Investment Advisor. This session focuses on 2014’s market review and a current market update. Paul Nichols, the “Investor Coach”, conducts an overview on the basics of investing in the market utilizing the returns of 2014, as well as the returns year to date for 2015. If you would like to learn more about retirement planning, income planning, investments, and market returns, as well as unique and sophisticated tax planning strategies, go to www.FAIcoach.com or call 866-867-5745.

Alibaba IPO and Market Update as of 9/16/14

State College, PA – Investing in IPOs and the current global market update is the subject of this podcast. Check out the website FAIcoach.com to learn more about retirement planning, investments, estate planning, income for life, and other wealth strategies. Education leads to clarity, clarity to confidence, and only with confidence can one achieve financial peace of mind.

Market Update as of 8/19/2014

Paul discusses the constant barrage of doom and gloom news, promoting how bad things are currently. The data suggest otherwise as you will hear in this podcast, as well the most recent market update. When considering retirement planning, life insurance, investments, income planning, wealth strategies and estate planning; get educated, knowledge is power!

Social Security Benefits and Market Update

This week, Paul Nichols, the investment coach and host of “It’s Your Money”, discusses when Social Security benefits should be activated. When it comes to investments, retirement, and life insurance, there is an overabundance of information available to investors today. The issue most investors face today is not a lack of information, but an actual lack of clarity as Paul demonstrates while discussing the idea of Social Security benefits.

Medicare and Market Update as of 2/3/2014

In this podcast Paul Nichols, the “Investment Coach”, once again pulls back the curtain with the usual market update as it relates to investments. He also discusses the rising cost of Medicare and how it can affect one’s retirement income. Medicare premiums are means tested and as a result are based on income. The reality of rising healthcare costs force Americans to be more proactive about their income sources than ever before. Income distributions need to be managed whether one is using investment brokerage type accounts, life insurance, or annuities, in order to get the best value on healthcare related costs.

Sleep Factor

This week Paul Nichols, the president of Financial Abundance, a registered investment advisor, shares a Super Bowl prediction as well as a recent blog, “What’s Your Sleep Factor for the CRASH to Come?” The “Investor Coach” is preparing listeners for the next stock market crash.  In addition to the regular market update, he also discusses how one could prepare for the next market crash by reviewing their sleep factor. Stay tuned for regular podcasts and learn more about retirement planning, wealth strategies, life insurance, and overall investing education.

*Link to blog: http://www.faicoach.com/2014/01/15/whats-sleep-factor-crash-come/

Year End Market Update as of 12/17/2013

This is the last market update for 2013. Paul Nichols, the host, offers an overview of what the markets have done this year and talks about the academic truths of investing. Paul is the president of Financial Abundance, a registered investment advisor. The firm focuses on investor coaching, estate planning, wealth strategies, and primarily, investors’ education.

Market Update as of 10/11/13

Here is this weeks “It’s Your Money” podcast with the “Investor Coach” and host, Paul Nichols, the founder of Financial Abundance, a registered investment advisory firm located in State College, PA. This podcast has the usual market update and a couple of noteworthy news tidbits concerning current oil production, as well as the United States crumbling infrastructure. Check out FA’s new website, FAIcoach.com, to learn more about finance, investments, portfolios construction, wealth strategies, and all things financial.

Market Update as of 9/26/13

This week, Paul Nichols, the “investor coach” and president of Financial Abundance, a registered investment advisory firm in State College, Pennsylvania, once again pulls back the curtain on the financial services industry. This show focuses on the market update as of 9/26/13, taxes, and the recent news of Madoff’s accountant.

Market Update as of 8/7/2013

This week on “It’s Your Money”, Paul Nichols, the investor coach and president of Financial Abundance a Registered Investment Advisory firm, located in State College, Pennsylvania, is back with a market update. As well as some information regarding real estate and how it may relate to retirement income planning as well as wealth accumulation.