It’s Your Money Classes are designed to give participants an in-depth view of investing, offer potential tax management strategies that may be helpful when planning for retirement, and employ prudent money management in both the, short-term and long-term.


The Retirement Planning Today Classes is curriculum that is taught in over 200 universities and academic institutions around the country. These classes are designed for all people, but really benefit those 45 and above who are proactive about investing, future financial planning, retirement, risk, gifting, and estate transfer. This course is a soup-to-nuts, comprehensive, in-depth look at all the areas of personal finance. We teach this class in the spring and fall at several institutions in our area as well as other parts of the country.

Private Investor Education Events are an opportunity to meet with the clients of Financial Abundance on a regular basis (in April, July, November). We discuss topic-specific investing subjects, simplifying the works of many notable educators and Nobel Laureates through the financial science and academic research of the last 50 years. The primary focus is helping you understand the answers to the “20 Must Answer Questions.” The events are comfortable, friendly, social dinner sessions that includes a conversational power point with crucial content every investor must know in order to attain peace of mind about their investments. These are offered to our clients or by special invitation only.