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Wealth management, isn't this why we all get up and do what we do every day? Hopefully to create and manage enough wealth for our long term for financial security. Regardless of your earning potential, we all need to learn how to manage our wealth. Many of the articles below will give you a springboard to concepts and ideas. Start thinking about how you need to manage your wealth. What areas do you need to learn about?

Burning Cash for a Car?

Lewisburg, PA – The total amount of the current US auto loan debt level has surpassed $1trillion and is currently $1.092trillion! Some believe that this, along with student debt, is the next bubble. So, what is the best way to pay for a car, cash or by financing with a loan? Most people that you […]


You don’t know what you don’t know! Simple, but profound. As an investor you may fall victim to the lies of the financial industry, including large investment institutions and the financial media. Belief in and action taken based on these fallacies have caused thousands of investors to lose massive amounts of their investment monies. The […]

Wealth Management: It’s a Wonderful Life

This classic gem directed by Frank Capra is one of my favorite movies and a sure watch every holiday season. It’s a story of an angel working to get his wings, and his task is to help a compassionate but despairingly frustrated busi- nessman by showing what life would have been like if he had never […]

What’s Your Sleep Factor for the CRASH to Come?

What is a market crash? It’s a sudden, dramatic decline in the market. As an investor coach and wealth strategist, I find myself always preparing my clients for the crash to come. However, this does not come from a lack of faith in the stock market; in fact, I believe it’s the greatest wealth producing entity known […]

The Boys of Summer: 2013 Market Returns

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) index is up 13.8% half-way through the year.  The Standard & Poor 500 (S&P 500) index is up almost as much, at 12.6%, but the markets didn’t rise over the last six months in a straight line.   They rarely do. The markets were all over the place.  Sometimes up, sometimes down, especially over the last […]

Boomers: Children & Chaos

The WealthCounsel® and Trusts & Estates® Magazine recently published an Annual Industry Trends Survey. The survey compiled data from roughly 1500 industry professionals primarily made up of Attorneys, CPAs, Financial Advisors and Wealth management professionals. As the President of a Registered Investment Advisory firm, I find these trends interesting as well as insightful.  The report […]

Bonds: Strategies or Schemes

According to Fortune Magazine, Warren Buffett, the Oracle from Omaha, will soon release his annual shareholder letter pointing out that “money-market funds, bonds, mortgages, bank deposits…are thought of as ‘safe.’ In truth they are among the most dangerous of assets…their risk is huge.”

Further in the letter, Mr. Buffet writes that “Right now bonds should come with a warning label.” Why is Mr. Buffett so concerned about these types of investments, many of which are embraced by retirees in their search for a safe haven for their IRAs and 401(k)s?

Why did you leave me here all alone?

“Oh where, oh where has the money gone”? That’s what investors trusting their portfolios to MF Global Holdings are singing right now. $1.2 billion in customer funds cannot be found, and no one seems to have any idea what happened to those investment accounts. You might have seen this in the news.

The president of the now bankrupt MF Global, former New Jersey governor Jon Corzine, testified at a Congressional Committee Hearing on December 13. In his opening remarks, he said:

Risk: Just the Facts Ma’am!

How much risk is in your portfolio? Seems like a pretty straight forward question. Well…do you know how much risk you’re taking on or are you just taking a ride on the “Trust Express”

You’d think this is something most investors would be demanding to know. Yes, there is a mathematical formula that measures how much risk is in your portfolio. It’s called standard deviation and it measures how volatile your particular portfolio is. It absolutely blows my mind that there is so little talked about this vital measurement in the investment world. Most people have never even heard about it.

Innovation Will Prevail

Innovation will prevail you know we lost a very important figure in American culture and in world history yesterday with Steve Jobs passing, someone who has had a tremendous impact on the world. If you were asked to think of an innovator, my guess is Steve Jobs name would come up often. I wonder what he and his company, vendors, and suppliers contribution to innovation have equated to in tax revenue, 49000 people work for Apple which is worth 37 billion. Steve stimulated our economy in part, when an innovation becomes in demand, revenue ensues. I believe that Steve Jobs was an example of compassionate capitalism.

Trading Treadmill

Trading Treadmill….avoid the hype I ran across a recent press release this morning from Business Wire that announced some activity for Charles Schwab Corporation in August. I found it interesting that there was a large in-flow of new assets that came into Schwab about $62B and what I really found curious was the amount of […]

30 Day Challenge for Wealth Management

In my life I’ve been very fortunate to have had several mentors! The one that had the most impact was tough but gentle, an extremely successful businessman. On one occasion he made a comment that I took offense “you’re a spendthrift “. I remember my reply ” are you crazy, based on my meager income […]

What’s Your End Game?

I often get the deer in headlight stare when I ask that question. My father was a taskmaster my whole life….to the point of annoyance as a young person. The main lessons I have gleaned from his “get r done” attitude, do not give me excuses, personally if you are going to pursue a task; […]

Women & Investing Weekly Clarity Coaching

This weeks Weekly Clarity Coaching is coming from Deb Seaward here in our office. She has been working hard to add some coaching for women to our office, here is a taste of more to come.

Men no need to watch this one…..not!!!! Guys the ladies in our lives are far too important, lets all get coached up!

It’s A Wonderful Life

This classic gem directed by Frank Capra, one of my favorite movies and a sure watch every holiday season.  This is a story of an angel working to get his wings and his task is to help a compassionate, but despairingly frustrated businessman by showing what life would have been like if he never existed…