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With the constant changing social political economic environment we live in today compounded by the influx of 24 hour news. It is easy to see why so many are overwhelmed with the management of their portfolio. A lot of the information we see today implies that ones portfolio constantly needs to be adjusted for the social, political, and economic climate. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reality, it's about construction and allocation of one's portfolio that determines their long-term success. A reactive vs proactive mindset does not serve investors well. If you're not sure you have a well diversified portfolio, request a portfolio MRI to learn what your portfolio looks like and if your getting "Market Returns".

A Broken Record

The more I study my industry, the more I’m noticing that the news of pessimism, fear, and greed, are always in cycle and at play. The more I identify these strategies and share them, I know I must sound like a broken record. The sensational opinion laded broadcasts are starting to actually become a daily […]

Do Not Give Up

For those of you that know me, you know that I am an eternal proactive optimist, balanced with a dose of realism, and a sprinkle of discernment. I have always prided myself on the ability to take complex issues and simplify them, that is my unique ability and why I love coaching so much. As […]

20 Investment Questions

What if everything you thought you knew about retirement planning and investing turned out to be incorrect, when would you want to know? Once you did know would you do something about it? The real battle for investors comes when they attempt to exercise discernment not knowing or understanding the mechanisms involved. In other words, […]

Coin Flipping

There’s a saying I’ve heard through the years, “Nobody loses in Vegas “. This makes me think of a relatively new area of financial study amongst many of the top university finance programs. The area of study is designed to understand better about investor behavior and psychology. We have learned more about this particular field from […]

If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them

Lewisburg, PA – The goal of investing is to get an overall market return. The stock market consists of large cap, small cap, micro cap; value and growth; developed international large, emerging markets, emerging small, and emerging value companies. Additionally, there is fixed income, cash, T-bills, and bonds. A broad based, global portfolio may hold […]

The Portfolio MRI

Is the goal of investing to get a yield/return? Specifically isn’t the goal of investing in the stock market to achieve a market rate of a return? The resounding answer is yes! In the last couple of decades, at various “Retirement Planning Today” classes that we conduct at local schools and universities, as well face to face […]

What’s Up Kemosabe?

Lewisburg, PA – Tonto: “The market is up and I am not. What’s the story Kemosabe?” Kemosabe: “What do you mean the market is up?” Tonto: “According to the telegraph office the market is hitting new highs on a regular basis.” Kemosabe: “The total market is not reaching new heights, only one sector, the S&P […]

Buckle Up, It’s Getting Turbulent!

State College, PA – I learned aviation slang for turbulence is called dirty air. What has been going on in the market is like dirty air? Recently we have seen the wildest ride on the Dow Jones industrial average in 17 years. Dow Jones is a representation of how large companies are doing and we […]

What’s Your Sleep Factor for the CRASH to Come?

What is a market crash? It’s a sudden, dramatic decline in the market. As an investor coach and wealth strategist, I find myself always preparing my clients for the crash to come. However, this does not come from a lack of faith in the stock market; in fact, I believe it’s the greatest wealth producing entity known […]

The Boys of Summer: 2013 Market Returns

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) index is up 13.8% half-way through the year.  The Standard & Poor 500 (S&P 500) index is up almost as much, at 12.6%, but the markets didn’t rise over the last six months in a straight line.   They rarely do. The markets were all over the place.  Sometimes up, sometimes down, especially over the last […]

Why Not GIPS?

I was just reviewing our 20 year returns recently for all of our portfolios and was pleasantly surprised how well the market has performed in the last 20 years. Despite the government involvement, the credit bubble, the tech bubble, and the energy bubble, the market has still performed extremely well. You may be wondering, how […]

Active Management or Active Hype?

Well, the market must be up, we’re seeing it again.  It’s all over the TV, radio, and popular financial press, that you can easily identify the Active Mutual Funds that far and away outperform the Passive Mutual Funds. The temptation being?  All you have to do is study the active fund manager’s past performance and […]

Fiscal Cliff: Blah Blah Blah

How many of you are tired of all the talk on the fiscal cliff, including the non ending stream of opinion and regurgitated sound bites?? May I suggest we spend the month of December focusing on family, love ones, and our community? Let the spinning heads, politicians, and so called expert economists beat this horse […]

Main Street Money

My coach is coming to town! Yes, Mark Matson is coming to Happy Valley March 8th, at the Corner Room from 12 – 2PM. He is kicking off his media tour for the public broadcasting special airing around the country, as well, his new book Main Street Money. The book is awesome by the way…only available now through Public Brodcasting pledges during the many broadcasts to be aired (the special is great as well!). Mark will start a multi-city bus tour in NYC March 7th, stopping by State College March 8th, and onto Pittsburgh for a live broadcast during a special airing March 9th. See link for sneak peek of special:

Why did you leave me here all alone?

“Oh where, oh where has the money gone”? That’s what investors trusting their portfolios to MF Global Holdings are singing right now. $1.2 billion in customer funds cannot be found, and no one seems to have any idea what happened to those investment accounts. You might have seen this in the news.

The president of the now bankrupt MF Global, former New Jersey governor Jon Corzine, testified at a Congressional Committee Hearing on December 13. In his opening remarks, he said: