Do’s and Don’ts of Estate Planning

Debra Seaward talks about real life scenarios of unexpected planning issues relating to Estate Planning and ideas on how to make sure that you have the proper basic documents in place for when the “what if’s” happens.  Without the right documents you may end up giving more than your fair share in inheritance taxes.

College Planning: Student Loans

Ashton Immel talks about college planning and how you treat your student debt load has never been more important than it is today. The historical amounts of debt that college graduates are coming out with is mind boggling. The debt is so enormous that it is considered the next bubble and now higher than credit […]

April’s Market Update

In this podcast, Paul Nichols, the host of “It’s Your Money” does a brief market update encompassing February, March, and April of 2017. We also have a little input on how 2016 closed. We talk about how important international companies are when it comes to portfolio allocation and portfolio construction. Education leads to clarity, clarity […]

Why Is the Stock Market the Only Bright Spot for the Economy?

This week’s market update includes common sense comments on the rationale as to why Donald Trump mentioned the stock market is the bright spot in our economy. Pulling back the curtain to explain why the stock market is the only area of recent years that has shown any hopeful economic signs. Unfortunately with the government intrusion, it’s not what it always appears to be. Get the real scoop once again as Paul pulls back the curtain on the financial services industry and exposes the truth about money and investing, brought to you by Financial Abundance.

What’s the NASDAQ

This podcast investor Coach Paul Nichols pulled back the curtain and finds what is the NASDAQ. As it hits new highs recently. He will also go over the normal market update and a brief review of three of the biggest mistakes investors make related to long-term goals.

Truth’s of Investing

This week’s podcast, Paul Nichols, pulls back the curtain and shows you the truths of investing. Not everything you have been taught may be the truth. Along with this weeks market update there are some unexpected changes you should know. When it comes to investing, retirement planning, income planning, and estate planning, most rules of […]

British Go…Cheerio?

This week’s podcast, Paul Nichols, offers a commonsense view of the European Union and the aftermath of the UK’s exit. With a midyear market update and an overview of the basics of investing, we see the news once again hypes the realities of any fall out. When it comes to investing, retirement planning, income planning, […]

Manufactured Perceptions

This week we did a review, investing 101, along with the importance of funding Roth IRA accounts. When it comes to tax management, you never want to miss a year to fund a Roth because you cannot get it back.  As usual, Paul started this podcast with the market update, but with an added bonus […]

The Cost of Volatility

In the first podcast of 2016, Paul does a review of 2015. The intent of this particular recording is to explain how one may combat volatility in the market with some clarity on what one should expect in the market. There are a couple nuggets as well with the concerning mass redirection of advertising efforts […]

Market Update Novemebr 2015

This week Paul Nichols, the Investor Coach, pulls back the curtain and exposes the truth about investing. He focuses on a market update with a well-rounded overview of the basic truths of prudent investing.

The Lure of Easy Money

The market has rebounded nicely in the last few weeks compared to the previous quarter. This week’s show includes a market update and another overview of the truth of the academic investing. Paul also discusses three areas that often become stumbling blocks or traps for investors when it comes to retirement and income planning.

Academic Truths of Investing

This week’s podcast contains the usual market update brought to you by Financial Abundance and your host Paul Nichols, the investor coach. Any type of financial planning, especially in the area of income planning and risk management, is something that one must understand using the Academic Truths of Investing. Knowledge is power!

College Planning Wheels

This weeks market update is brought to you by Financial Abundance. Closing out the third quarter of 2015 with a market update that is less than stellar. The investor coach, Paul Nichols, pulls back the curtain and discusses what one can do in volatile times that we are currently seeing. Paul also offers some clarity […]

The Basics of Investing

This week Paul offers up another market update. He focuses on some of the academic truths of investing and discusses some of the basic investing rules. It is always important to get back to the basics whenever things are out of sorts. The recent volatility brought on primarily due to monetary supply policies, or lack there of, have created some speculation or short term market noise.

Interest Rates & The Price of Tea in China

This week Paul discusses the current market conditions with the usual market update. The price of tea in China has been rising dramatically due to supply and demand. Some of the higher end teas are actually being hoarded after the price jumped 50% last year. This podcast discusses the significance of the price of tea […]